About us

IMER – International Migration and Ethnic Relations – junior scholar network

We are a research network for junior scholars in Bergen, Norway, focusing on migration and ethnic relations. Institutionally we form part of IMER Research Unit Bergen, which is a multidisciplinary research unit at the University of Bergen, Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI) and NORCE.

Since the junior network was formed in 2018, our aim has been to be a network in which junior scholars can find a platform of support in the research process and in navigating the world of academia. As an interdisciplinary group, but with common thematic interests, we create meeting points and spaces in which we can share knowledge and experiences accumulated across a variety of disciplines and backgrounds. As such, we aspire to learn from each other and draw on each other’s competences for improving our own projects.

Once a week we organize ShutUpAndWrite sessions (usually Fridays from 9 am to 4 pm), where we sit and write together in silence, and which also opens up for fruitful discussions during breaks and lunch. We further organize seminars and workshops where we invite senior researchers to speak about topics of common interest. Moreover, we go on writing retreats and organize sessions in which we discuss topics related to academic writing, professional development, etc. Annually, we arrange conferences or whole-day seminars that serve as a meeting point for junior scholars from different institutions across Norway, giving the opportunity to build networks for future benefit. Our activities are financed through Global Challenges (University of Bergen).

If you are a junior scholar working with issues related to migration and/or ethnic relations and wish to become part of our junior network, taking part in ShutUpAndWrites and other activities in Bergen, please fill out this form. Please note that registering for membership will also give access to newsletters from IMER Bergen.

If you live in other parts of Norway, you can still tune in on our activities by subscribing to our news letter to receive updates on new blog posts. You can follow us on Facebook.

We also encourage you to join The Network for Junior Scholars in Migration and Intercultural Relations, which is a national network for junior scholars working within our research field, institutionally located under the Norwegian Network of Migration Research (Norsk nettverk for migrasjonsforskning – NNMF). Feel free to subscribe to their email list here. 


At one of our seminars


At one of our weekly ShutUpAndWrite

At one of our ShutUpAndWrite sessions