Jr. scholars of migration in Norway are publishing op-eds during Covid-19 pandemic

Not only are junior scholars of migration pushing their limits to advance on their dissertation during Covid-19 lockdown, they also take time to engage in public debate on important current issues linked to their research. Three jr. scholars of migration have published interesting op-eds this week. Check them out:
Solveig Moldrheim from our Bergen network has written about Covid-19 and racism in Vårt Land together with Elisabeth Harnes: «Det sies at viruset er fargeblindt. Men sannheten er at det lyser opp rasistiske strukturer» (Norwegian).
Heidi Mogstad who is doing her PhD at Cambridge University has written «Myten om ‘ankerbarna'” in Klassekampen (Norwegian)
Kathinka Fossum Evertsen has talked to Masudur Rahman and Mubashir Hasan about research and Covid-19 in Bangladesh: «Covid-19 synliggjør akademisk ufrihet i Bangladesh» (Norwegian).
Blog post written by Ann Cathrin Corrales-Øverlid

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